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Embroidery / Flocking / Screen printing / Sublimation / Screen printing transfer

Embroidery On Textile

  • Use: prestigious personalization method,  qualitative and resistant even after many washes...
  • Rendering in relief highlights your logo and brings real added value.
  • Technique: Consists of reproducing using threads and needles a pattern/text on the fabric.
  • What textiles? Embroidery can be done on many clothes and accessories. for frequent or professional use: sweatshirt, polo shirt, shirt, fleece, cap, towel, work clothes, bags...

Flocking On Textile

  • Use: Very popular  printing method often  used in sports, especially for branding personalized t-shirts with your team numbers.
  • Technique: consists of cutting the Flex or Flock material (velvet effect) using a plotter. After cleaning, the pattern is applied to the textile using a hot press.
  • What textiles? Suitable for many media: cotton or polyester t-shirts, polo shirts, tote bags or umbrella caps, waterproof jackets, sports shirts.

Screen Printing On Textile

    • Use: printing method, widely used to print medium or large quantities.
    • Technique: artisanal process similar to the use of stencils. For screen printing, the ink is deposited on the textile thanks to a frame on which a taut mesh is fixed. This only allows color-by-color printing on clothing. You have to change the frame for each color.
    • What textiles? Direct screen printing is more suitable for simple textiles: t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc.

Sublimation On Textile

  • Use:  Sublimation is mainly used on white textilesThis technique is ideal for sports and technical clothing.
  • Technique: special inks printed in high quality at 200 °C are used on the garment. The ink is directly injected into the fabric.
  • What textiles? The choice of textile material is limited to white polyester. There is a whole range of accessories and textiles suitable for sublimation such as bags, caps, bandanas, t-shirts in recycled polyester, anti-UV, antibacterial. 

Serigraphic Transfer

    • Use:  For a high quality marking over time and in full color.
    • Technique: consists of depositing inks on a transfer paper then, in a second step, transferring it on a textile support thanks to a heat press. Guaranteed PVC, phthalate and BPA free. OEKO-TEX® and REACH certified.🌱
    • What textiles? Suitable for many standard textiles support t-shirts, sweatshirts ... or more delicate such as windbreakers, umbrellas, luggage...

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